Sunday, March 29, 2009

Figure Study: Hands and Body

Hands, Lips, movement; Three things that give me nightmares to think about relaying correctly on paper. It's interesting to see how lips can express so much emotion if drawn correctly, yet if you draw them even slightly wrong then the whole thing suddenly feels like a cartoon and you loose the effect of which you intended. This is inevitably going to play an important role with my characters due to the fact that when i envision them and their interaction between one another, even the slightest change in emotion due to what is said will play an important role in where the story is going. So it's super important to me that I will be able to reveal these things through that.

I guess I'll just lay it out there now. I am afraid that I will not be able to paint the picture from my mind directly to canvas without my current abilities getting in the way.

So what am i doing to get around this? Draw Draw Draw! Recently I got a copy of Poser 7 in hopes that i can use this as a supplementary tool to actually going to any life drawing classes for the time being. I'm hoping to have an update soon on how I am going about using it to help me draw my characters as well as a short tutorial on how to use it in the first place. I find that as an artist I have been learning something new everyday, and would love to show/help anyone else who probably is struggling on the same things I am. Anyway, I've only played with Poser for a little bit so far and it's already proving to be a tremendous help! My next update will more then likely be a Poser post.

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