Sunday, January 18, 2009


I must apologize for my lack of posts on here. My life has been so frantic, I moved to Seattle for close to half a year where i had to hold two jobs just to pay the rent, then had to move back to California to help out my family, and now I'm in a Design Communication Art Certificate program at UCLA; all in the last year and all reasons that I haven't had much time to work on this project at all! I have on the other hand been trying my hardest to at least get an unconscious ink out every Thursday (and possibly Tuesdays soon as well), so please come and check those out. On the upside of this whole being busy thing, i have at least been able to sit and sketch all the time on random pieces of paper or my sketch pads any chance i get. The the consistency of my posting [ui]'s is testament to that! I'm getting much better and the human figure, which is good since Anhedonia will be relying heavily on how well i can draw people but working on my inklings has really allowed me to explore the 'cartoonyness" of my art. That in mind, i felt i should give you guys at least a really goofy 'chibi' Eydis who can express the way that i feel at the moment about my progress on this project. Don't fret, i will have this project up and running at some point, and i promise to post here as much as possible in regards to that.

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