Monday, November 24, 2008

a world of magic

Something, I've sort of been keeping under wraps while i've been developing Anhedonia Blue is the fact that the world it takes place in has an aspect to it in which magic exists. This has been the center focus of all my sketches recently (that i haven't been posting), and the primary reason why I've been indulging myself so far into research; primarily for accuracy of what we perceive to be magic, how (if) it works, why (if) it works, etc. Reading books about witch interesting? I didn't know people truly believed magic is real till i opened up these books! I don't really want to go to far in depth with this idea at the moment, now that its out there in the open i can start posting practice sketches of magic since its been giving me one hell of a struggle over the past few months.

Every artist who draws magic draws it differently. I've been flipping through several comic books, checking people's Deviant Art accounts, searching through google images, etc see the different ways people draw spells. It's crazy how different we all picture it to be. Knowing that, I've been having a bit more fun just 'playing with fire' and seeing what i come up with. I wasn't really intending to post a picture of magic just yet, but i had to do an assignment for class the other day entirely in ink/inkwash, so i figured I'd play with it on Eydis to see what i could come up with. This took me a few hours before class... it feels a bit rushed, but for how quickly i put it together i was rather proud of it so i thought I'd share it with you all along with my quick update on whats going on with this project.


  1. Yay! A post! I dig that image. And am surprised you decided to reveal the "magic" aspect to the storyline. But it still doesn't tell us much. Damn you!