Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Anhedonia Blue First Tasty Teaser

Finally things are on the Up and Up with Anhedonia! With TNPPress in it's own stable direction, where I don't have to man the boat alone as much anymore, I've finally had a chance to really sit and work hard not only on really strong conceptual art for this project! I've actually had an opportunity to start penciling in the first two pages of the comic this past week and am very please with where it is going artistically. I wont be giving any direct images of any of the pages (don't want to spoil the comic of course!), but now that things are moving, with 3 chapters (for the most part) written and the fact that production stages of art actually moving, i will be posting more often with better quality images. I hope to finally start giving everyone who is following this blog a better vision of the direction and style of this project too. Included with this post is a Desktop background Teaser for anyone who'd like to sport it on their computers while I'm actively working away to get the real thing going!

For now, i hope you enjoy the update and I'll see you back at Unconscious Ink [ui] until launch! [UI] will of course continue as scheduled, even when Anhedonia launches i will post new inklings weekly. Post may or may not decrease to once a week at that point though so that I don't get overloaded with TNP, UI and Anhedonia all at once!


  1. So cool you can't control yourself, until you explode... like BOOM!

  2. I remember this actually. I'm glad to see you're still working on it.