Friday, February 1, 2008


Yeah... so i was really frustrated today. Partly because of my resent lack of my recently lack of sleep (I'm sure its finally getting to me), but also because ever since i got my new computer I've been having a lot of little issues with Vista and its compatibility with things. Oddly, the latest issue I've had is that i can't use the 'pressure sensitivity' tool whenever my hard drive is plugged in; i only accidentally realized this was the case i unplugged my computer from the hard-drive to move to the other room. I'm really baffled as to why this is happening but either way it made it that much harder for me to get the new Reeder do "first-aid" done on time. It's real hard to try to run a more legit website when everything around you seems to want to prevent it! Never fear, i don't easily submit to the easy path; I'm not an "Adolf-quitler!" haha.

Anyway, in other news i finally got my first project from my 2D Design class back (i dont much care for it), and the teacher delayed the due date for the one i've been staying up doing at night the past few days! This means there will be some scan-age most likely tomorrow! So come back and look if you'd like.


  1. I did the exact same thing. I stayed up all night to get that damn project finished and then she has the gall to delay the due date. I really could have used the sleep damn it. P.S.
    this is Jen who sits across from you sometimes in art class.

  2. holy poop.. that adolf quittler thing, or whatever.. so funny. did you hear that or make it up?

  3. First of thanks for the comment Jen! :D i appreciate it! I'm sooo in loss of sleep lately. i hate it, school and this site are killing me! haha

    Secondly, i got the adolf quittler from the live action Tick show that got canceled a way back. Great show, the tick said the most AMAZING things known to man! haha

  4. 1. Adolf quittler... hilariouus
    2. write more! I like reading your blogs

  5. i wrote one the other day.. and im gonna write another tonight.. if you like reading them so much jess then why dont i have multiple responses from you! :P

  6. multiple responses?! sheesh! Isn't one enough? You're so addicted to comments. It't silly