Thursday, February 7, 2008

frustration of knowledge (edit w/ scans)

I love learning... but sometimes its frustrating and difficult. It even at times makes me want to quit.. but its not till i get to that point do i start to learn. Often i actually do give up for a small period of time and come back to it and have a handle on it.

This is whats frustrating me:

My projects are becoming more and more time consuming... and I'm never satisfied with the outcomes. Currently I've been working on this one point perspective graphite drawing, which is on a 18X24inch sheet of bristol board paper. It is a rough drawing of my room, which a super imposition of some of the little creatures I've been drawing lately. The room on paper barely fits the description of my room and and i realized lately that i know nothing about shading.. When i was younger i used to blow off any type of art teacher when they would talk (lesson learned there) and thought i had a good hold on it it... Well, turns out i don't. I found that cross hatching though is a really awesome way to shade. Up close it looks too textured and almost like you don't know how to shade.. but from a distance i'm actually falling in love with the way it looks! This is where the learning has started.. i've gone from hating everything about the shading and the way my room looks to slowly enjoying it.. but this project is still taking several pain staking hours!

Whats the most frustrating is that i lost my Stylus pen! I need it to draw the Reeders and UI... but i haven't been able to find it. I have a spare but i hate the tip; its very smooth and allows the pen to flow to easily across the screen.. BUT from this i've learned that i can use that tip to make very natural lines that aren't over thought. After being frustrated for about an hour of drawing the last reeder "Lessons with that guy Death" i found my extra tips.. i went back to the type i like.. but I'm still not too sure about the spare pen.. its bigger and bulkier. =/ Out of all things to lose did i really have to lose that pen? They cost like 80$'s to replace!

Here are some scans of my first 2D Design project:

When i first started this project i didn't think this was gonna turn out cool. In fact i don't really like the originals as much as these ones. Whats so special about these? We'll once i loaded them on the computer i was trying to enhance the blacks, but along the way i stumbled across the invert function. When i did this it pulled out the texture of the black in and made it look more interesting to me. The Drawing on the top was actually my favorite at first still i did this inversion thing. now i actually enjoy the bottom one a little bit more.

Though i have the originals in black ink, I'm considering making prints of these on higher quality paper and maybe framing them for my room. I'm not sure. The gray tones really seem to make this image more effective and would actually accent some of the crap i have in my room.


  1. i always wanted to take a design class.. :(

    You'll get better at shading, especially if you cover it in your class.. i'm not very good either, but the more i do it the easier it gets.


  2. Yeah, I agree w/ Lexi. I used to think shading is super difficult but it just takes practice, like w/ everything else.

    At first I wasn't sure how I felt about the scans. I'd only see the rounded one in person and thought the scan didnt do it justice. But the more I look at it, I think it looks pretty neat. Like your face.

  3. I guess my reply is to the both of you (3 of you if you count the painters being together)...

    Today i started my Comp Assisted Illustration class, and its pretty tight. This guy in my class got to talking to me about why i should use Illustrator for the project over Paintshop... Apparently i can do all the shading and everything alot easier through it. We'll see... at least that will make my easier for computer drawings right? haha... still need to do this other project though

    And ana, the thing about them that looks neat about the scans is the simple fact that they looked really bad when i simply scanned them in. The inversion made them almost most seem intentional. Which was a surprising effect. My teacher asked me a few questions about tablets today and we ran across an interesting idea about how i can avoid scanning images.. which could turn out useful. I may try it down the line when i have more time.

    anyway you're neat..

    ...both of you...

    or three...


  4. mine automatically says Lexi & Layne, but it's probably really just me. Lexi. So you know. I dunno if Layne even reads this.

  5. haha.. but why!?! WHY DOES IT SAY IT LEXI!?!?

  6. lol idk why but ur freaking out about why it says lexi made me laugh. OFF WITH YOUR HEAD!

  7. Will you teach me how to shade? I've always wanted to be able to do that, along with learning anything technical/technique wise about art. I think i'd like to do that when I move back to the states...take an art class, a writing class and a theater class...

  8. you difinately should take those classes! To learn how to shade the best i could say is take a lamp or some sort of light source and angle it over something and just examine it... try drawing it a few times.. the shading just slowly comes to you. Cross hatching though is more technical but not hard. You just draw lines going one direction and then another set of lines over them... which is 'crossing' them. if that makes sense.. im sure i can show you, but your a bright girl and im certain you could figure it out before you got back from japan! :D

  9. bahh... shading sounds...ano, chotto muzukashi, desu ne? (a little difficult, no?)I've never been good at drawing things that actually exist. Seeing something tangable in the world and drawing it, but perhaps i'll try this weekend.