Sunday, January 20, 2008

tim sale

I don't know who here is a fan of Heroes (the popular network television show of which has been on hold while the writer strike continues), but i am. Since i first saw the show i've been obsessed with the way that the "future paintings" looked; the ones painted by Isaac Mendez. Well i had to find out more about the art work and after a few mins of research i stumbled across the creator. His name is Tim Sale; He's pretty damn good. After spending a few mins on his site i stumbled across a project of his called "Noir story from SOLO," i loved the art in it! I really liked the way he drew the female i ended up making a Desktop background out of one of his images. I'm not sure if you see the resemblance from my last drawing, but i had "the cheerleader" in my mind when i drew it (Claire from Heroes). Anyway, here's the backgrounds:


  1. thanks. I can't wait to start learning how to ink draw better. Cos i want to be able to do stuff just like that! that will be soo awesome.

  2. I didn't mention it before, but I also really like the way the future paintings in Heros look. I wish I could be able to paint that well. Also, the girl in these pictures remind me of Carmen San Diego and I pretty much love her!

  3. haha. nice. I really want to be able to paint like that too. Im really hoping that i'll start to get better at art because of these classes.. i can already tell the difference in my inking.