Tuesday, January 22, 2008

the girl in the ink

In my class we started doing a project with black ink. I've always been scared to use black ink cos of the permanence of the medium but after drawing various lines and designs over 20times i felt far more comfortable with it. After completing the project i decided draw a girl (something I've done most of my life and feel rather comfortable with). I was really pleased with the result.. but still see a lot of room for growth.


  1. I think the best part about drawing with black ink is the fact that if you mess up you just have to deal with it and make it a part of the drawing. i love the challenge of it!

  2. yeah, its really fun.. except for the parts that you can't really mess up.. Like if you look at this girls bangs.. the tips are far fatter then i wanted them to be! Usually your hair gets thinner at the tips. Oh well, art is always a learning process.. which is why i like it so much! :D

  3. really? i did it in pencil afterwards cos i wasnt sure if i liked the way my signature looked.