Thursday, January 24, 2008

windows defender defends...

Windows defender defends against its worst enemy, itself! That right! Today when i tried using the old fonts for the reeder logo, i didn't have them anymore. After i re-downloaded them i tried installing them but Vista wouldn't let me. Apparently it hates itself for not having the fonts i needed. Because of this i had a real hard time with comic #55 Johnny in Depp, but i had a lot of fun doing it. I learned a few new things. For instance... I am flat out a bad speller.. So i did most of this one with a font i found online while looking for the old fonts. When i noticed the spelling errors on this issue (after i posted it) i just went back, spell checked it which corrected it with in seconds. If i draw the misspellings its a pain to correct cos i have to erase them and re-write them. Thats a major problem with some of the earlier comics.. first, i cant go back and fix them cos i no longer have the files and even if i did i would have to go back and edit over lined paper so spelling edits are hard. I swear one of these days i'll re-do all the original 30 something that are in the older style. (at least the first ten that i honestly just HATE!).

Luckily today i didn't have as many computer issues (other then the fonts). I have my new computer almost fully set up the way i wanted it, which is great. Also, i reformatted my old one and took it apart to clean out the fan, runs beautifully now! (minus the fact that it can't handle Adobe. >.<)

Well i'm gonna crash out now.. Hopefully tomorrow i can get to the new UI .. i feel like such a slacker for not drawing them lately.

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