Thursday, January 17, 2008

another issue

i got everything ready to do this weeks reeder, i had plans to do this one months ago.. in fact i may have even thought of it years ago.. but i didn't really have to means to do my idea. Now that i have adobe and a more powerful computer i decided it was time to finally do it! Well... i turned on Photo shop the moment i got home anxious to start this idea and what do i find? Windows decides that it can't run anything Adobe. WTF!? It was working earlier.. but i think the issue may have come in when i installed some of the Wacom drivers shortly after i ran it because i realized i didn't have all my brush tools i needed. Something mysterious happened when i ran them...So now i don't have a Reeder for today! Usually i try to get them up by Midnight so that viewers around the world will be able to see them on their Thursday's as well.. but no, not this week. Thanks Microsoft. i love you. ^_~

So for now I'm uninstalling Adobe and reinstalling; i already tried repairing... nothing happened (of course). The un-installation is taking a very long time... i may have to just let it run over night and re-install when i wake up. Hopefully I'll have everything set up by late afternoon and the comic up by evening.

Sorry for the delay.