Wednesday, January 16, 2008

the new computer and google

Two days ago i got my new computer in the mail. Its pretty amazing. It's nice and small and does everything i want it to. I've set it up so that when i get new e-mails on google my computer tells me and GoogleTalk always runs on the sidebar of my computer. I really like Google as a company. They seem to make really clean, simple softwear products that all interconnect. Like how this blogger account is connected to my e-mail and that same e-mail is used for various other great product that coordinate with eachother. I was having one difficulty making my display name change be accurate for when people would talk to me on google talk.. but i believe i fixed it. We'll have too see. If i didn't i may just call the company and see if they can help me out. I'd really like to have it set up with the name Joenis Norac for everything. I wish i could say 1000 things about my computer.. but i really don't know what to say about it right now. I guess i will take a picture of it later.

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