Sunday, January 13, 2008

eye in the wind

While we watched a video about different basic concepts of art i got bored and started drawing an eye. By the time the class was over i drew a woman with wind blowing her hair over one eye, unfortunately though... i don't really know what happened in class. I have some kind of assignment about drawing different forms of lines on 20 index cards. We'll see...


  1. I think that you should write a poem that has the words phantasmagorical, purple, cowboy and sea anemone in it....just a thought

  2. lol... wtf.. where did that come from? phantasmagorical is that even a word? DOES ANYTHING RYHME WITH THAT!?!?

  3. haha! I'm not sure where it came from, but I thought it'd be a good idea... and of COURSE phantasmagorical is a word! It's my favorite word. It means like dream like colors or imagergy....or, according to
    1. a shifting series of phantasms, illusions, or deceptive appearances, as in a dream or as created by the imagination.
    2. a changing scene made up of many elements.
    3. an optical illusion produced by a magic lantern or the like in which figures increase or diminish in size, pass into each other, dissolve, etc

    as for what rhymes with that...not quite sure.. rhetorical? folklore-ical?

    ooh!!! guess what!!!! It's SNOWING!!! How weird is that? I was teaching class and I looked out the window and there was snow!!! crazy! I'll totally be able to say "when i was young i used to ride my bike home from work in the SNOW!"

  4. LOL! not only can u say you road you bike home in the snow from work but also that it was while you were in Japan! :D makes it even better!

    i didn't even know phantasm was a word... so that word with a really ridiculous suffix is even nuttier!

    Heres a home work assignment for ya: you write a poem with those words. ^_~

    Do u have gmail?

  5. 1. hehehe! I love all of my "in Japan" experiences...I would have NEVER ridden (rode?) my bike in such cold weather at wouldn't have gotten that cold and i tend to drive in the states...
    2. of course i have gmail
    3. yay silly suffixes!
    4. i can't write poems. short stories that aren't terribly good, yes. Poetry or lyrics or titles for papers/stories/essays, no. not my forte
    5. even if I could write poetry (which seems to be a talent of yours...your so good!)i wouldn't, not with those words, out of principal. You'd have to give me new ones! It follows the rule most people learned in elementary school...the whole no tag-backs/copycats/cant do the same dare twice thing

  6. e-mail me at

    thing is i never did it soo your not copy cating me! =P

    im so tired lately... i want to die! haha

  7. i'm not copying you, you're copying word request

    you shouldn't die, that'd make me sad

  8. just thought id tell you. the past 2 times i saw you online i tried messaging you and then you logged off! >.<