Thursday, January 10, 2008

an artistic disorder

I signed up for a few classes again this semester, a last minute decision on my part which really is no surprise, lately I'm 'winging' a lot about life. I got into Illustration I, Computer Assisted Illustration, 2D Design, Programing in C++, and Personal Finance. I'm pretty excited! This will be the first time i have ever enrolled in classes that completely interest me for my own interests sake! Which should mean, no more moping around and complaining about how I'm bored with the way that teachers forget to teach. Now that i have my Bachelor of Arts i decided it's time to have a little fun with my education!

With me spending so much time on my website and constantly drawing on my new tablet i figured it's about time that i actually learn how to fine tune what I've been doing my whole life; art. I think i had a fear of criticism from teachers, producing stuff people might not like and a further fear that being forced to do art which could possibly make me hate it. Well... I was forced to do Psychology for 4years now and i still enjoy it, never lost interest in it, just my passion to do it as a career. As I'm taking deeper consideration about what I want to do with my life, it may not really be for me.

Since i will be enrolled in so many art classes this semester i will be scanning a lot of my assignments and posting them up here. So, this will not only be my blog but also an "art portfolio." I'm really excited about this all, for once i barely have time to do anything. I have so many projects and things i have to do everyday that i don't really have time to get bored...unless you count when i have to sleep.. i hate laying in bed alone. It's lonely, i miss talking to someone till i fall asleep and frankly its boring. Sleep is over rated.

I drew a really weird sketch in my business class today. If i have time I'll scan it tomorrow and edit this entry so i can post it...till then i gotta force myself to sleep! C++ in the morning!

here it is:


  1. Honestly I think sleep is under-rated. There is nothing quite like being warm under the covers sleeping. I never sleep in past 9am anymore. I miss sleep!

  2. you get to sleep with someone in your bed though. Remember how you used to stay up all night thinking and i could just fall asleep the second you left my house? i miss those days. i can't sleep and ill i do is think. >.<