Saturday, January 5, 2008

sleepless in whatever

I've been staying up really late either a) working on the new page lay out or b) watching Heroes at Marc's apartment. This has made me really sleepy. Today i barely have been able to function, i fell asleep during the Seahawks game and haven't had the energy to work on a UI for this week. So i'm sadly probably not doing one this time.. but when the new layout is fully operational this will never be the case again. I've just spent too many hours trying to make this to work.. and forgetting to focus on the sites actually content. i suck at life. {/life}

Good news though is that i bought my new Dell XPS 1330 online today! They are having some after Christmas instant savings deal; with the combination of that and my dad's work discount i saved a little short of 1k! I was kind of mad though, yesterday the instant savings were $799 but since we waited a day too see if my dad's discount would save us more ($275), it went down to $699... i mean yeah his savings were more.. but if he would have remembered to bring his computer home with his work info he we could have saved another $100. Right now thats a lot for me. My last pay check was only about $114. Oh well... still can't wait to get it! :D {/rant}


  1. 1. you do no suck at life
    2. yay for new computers!!!
    3. Since I've posted the most comments, does that mean I win? Will you draw me a cookie in the notebook for winning?

  2. i was working on that notebook in class today.. i totally forgot about the cookie... ill try to remember

  3. i LOVE heroes! Marc and I downloaded season 1 and 2 and have been racing right through them! 2 more episodes and we are totally caught up. Do you like it?

  4. I have never seen Heroes. My sisters own the first season and they rave about it. The previews just look so stupid to me, "save the the world" maybe I should get over it?

  5. yeah i refused to watch it because of that slogan.. but there are so many twists and turns and great character development that you can't help but get hooked. Its way better then that Superman show you used to like...smallville?