Friday, January 4, 2008

life and the nonsense

We'll to be honest, i am really excited about what gonna happen with the noir project. I've spent several hours, and sleepless nights setting it up.. but i'm hoping by next week everything should be ready. With this new layout we are becoming a "comic press," which is something that over joys me! haha. i know that sounds stupid, but it gives me more of a purpose for spending hours on a web comic. I should be focusing on my GRE and grad school.. but its the furthest thing from my mind at this moment.

I'm still struggling with what i want to do with my life, I'm really not sure if Psychology is something i want to do full time or not. Now that i have my BA, I'm really just working on doing what makes me happy,and i've seem to have come back to my first love recently; art. I plan on moving to Seattle come june, and i would like to have this site self sustaining so that i can focus on getting a job and surviving out there and still have time to draw a weekly Reeder and UI. Hopefully Marc is down to make some of the last minute changes needed. We'll see.

I asked Buttersafe to join the project last night.. around 4am i wrote them this long ass e-mail.. i hope it didn't sound stupid. I really want to make this website professional and i think with a comic like that... and my steady progression of Reeder's quality, and Ali's new project that this will actually become a reality.

Well back to the website grind.


  1. I don't think you need to be focusing on GREs and grad school stuff... but I may just think that because doing anything productive or functional with those thoughts are the farthest things from my mind...I have too much to do and study (learning japanese totally trumps studying for a test I can take anytime). I don't know, you always have time do to that later and if you wait till I move to Washington in August to start studying, then we can sit in a cool Seattle cafe all day and study for the test together which could make it easier....

    What do you want to be doing full time? And would it be worth it to only to psych stuff part time? You cant really do anything with only a BA in'd need at least a masters or PHD. Would it be worth it to study and spend that much money on something you didn't do full time?

    I empathize with how you feel though, I'm struggling with what I want to do with my life too...whether it's teaching elementary school, special ed, being a school psychologist, being a child psychologist or treating people with eating disorders. The only thing I've managed to weed out is living in Japan forever and teaching high school/middle school.

    Anyway, I think it's really really really good that you've been doing what makes you happy and being artsey; it's a good thing, and you have a talent for it.

  2. haha, wow you went from "i don't know what to reply to your blogs other then 'i like them'" to writing me a novel! :D

    Studying for the GRE with someone would be nice, i must admitt! I'm gonna start studying the math parts with a tutor soon though (math isn't fun with friends anyway).

    ...that should be a slogan for something "Math's not fun with friends" lol

    I'll really thinking about my future when it comes? how bout that.. sounds great to me.

  3. Yeah...I have a habit of getting cerried away sometimes when I write, novels seem to be my forte

    And why did you have to bring up the math part of the GRE? I was perfectly happy not having it in my immediate consciousness. I HATE math...we definitely do not get a long so well. meeerrraaahhhrrr... but I do like the tutor idea, i'll probably have to get one too when I get back to the states.

    I think I like you "I'll think about the future when it comes" idea

  4. lol, ive been living by that policy for a while.. and its been working fine for me! :D

    i have my first math tutor lesson for the GRE friday >.< no beuno.