Sunday, April 20, 2008

3 piece love & death

These are taken from photographs i took about a year ago. I printed them out at a lower quality then traced out the most distinct areas. From there i transposed them back to a canvas board and painted them in three different color schemes. The first is gray scaled with red accents, the next is primary colors, and finally the one of Cassie is a mono-chrome blue. I chose the colors for specific reasons:

The Grayscale is to dull out who died, which accents the intensity of the red; the blood is what was important to me in this painting. It symbolizes the passion of life and furthermore that of death; the idea i had while painting this was something along the lines that we all love, and we all have a passion for what we love, and often we will go to the extent of death (or risk of death) to fight for that love. This is why i wanted the red to stand out so much.

The primary colors were chosen to give it more of a comic-classic feel. idk what about the primary colors do this but it really made me think more of Cowboy Bebop; which the picture inspiration came from.

Finally the monochrome blue just gives a feel of depression. First off, the colors reminded me of her because she has this dark melancholy quality to her that i love already. On top of that the colors are rather symbolic for our relationship at the time when we were together. It was a weird period, i would assume in both of our lives, when we both moved up north. I was really depressed about a lot of what was going on in my life and in effect i was hurting her. The reason i added this to the other two in the collect was for this very reason. A large part of me died during that time. I'm in now way saying that she was the cause of this, but we were both in a way the catalyst of which pushed major changes in each other while we went through this. We both pulled the trigger on each other, and the melancholy i left her with and the death of a part of me was the result of that time of our lives.

Things are good now. :D

(i think im gonna do more touch ups on the cassie painting,, i dont feel its done yet)


  1. I never got a song but at least I got a painting! :-p
    Anyway, it's a really good series, I like it. It has a nice noir feel to it. Definitely an excellent metaphor for our (romantic) relationship.

  2. haha yeah for sure. We were a weird couple. We're just a weird bundle of peoples. :P

  3. I miss your Livejournal talked about you, as opposed to what you did.

  4. i may post in there again.. idk. honestly tho not much going on other then my art.