Monday, January 28, 2008

project projection

My fear of judgment, my irrational idea that everyone was better then i was, and my unconscious beliefs that people would try to take what created away and make them their own - these are all things that stunted my growth artistically. I recently flipped through my old sketch pads to find that i was way better then i remembered. I was always so hard on myself when I'd draw, i misconstrued the concept of 'room for improvement' as an 'inherent failure'. It makes me said to think that i was really willing to give up a talent i was born with. Today in class when the teacher was talking about cross hatching, something i never did before (cause i thought it was stupid), i realized how rusty i am with drawing.. how if i would have kept it up how far along i could be today. This made me rather sad but i know better then to let such a thing bring me down, rather now i see it as what it is, room for improvement. I'm happier about this situation once i gave it thought and I'm now gonna start to absorb everything I've missed over the years I've been away from art. From here on out I'm dedicated to growth and enjoying what I'm doing on the way.

I've realized more and more that I need projects, i love them. Other then just working on The Noir Project/Reeder Rabbit/Unconscious ink... i decided that its time for me to just fill my days up with activities that keep my mind from wandering. Being idle is dangerous, it allows you to think too much about things that you shouldn't or wouldn't unless the time permitted. I have too many good things in my life to start thinking about the negatives that have come and gone through out the years. So now, on top of my school load I'm also helping two friends out with their projects.

Alek needed a better 'cleaner' website for his Coalition for a Green Glendale so i stepped in to help out. I've set up a basic design that he seems to like already; though i still plan to make some better graphics and clean it up a bit, i think it already looks a ton better already. Also, another friend of mine just approached me with the opportunity to work on something for his company. I've talked it through with him and Marc and it seems like Marc and i are gonna take up this project as well! :D He said this could look good for a resume, and maybe if i change majors i could even use it in my application for grad school. I'm gonna overall just be in charge of the graphic design and Marc with the programming, but still the fact that I'll be doing a project for company like that is pretty awesome!

Right now, i have no complaints about life.

In case you're interested here is the Site i'm working on for Alek: Coalition for a Green Glendale


  1. I think you would excel in graphic design & enjoy it! Assuming you really want to do art for the rest of your life. It's that or draw your patients while they are lying down on a couch spilling their guts.

  2. ill draw my patients literally spilling guts out of their bodies. :D

  3. lol thats exactly what i imagined when i wrote that [: