Saturday, October 11, 2008

Character Sheet 1: Eydis (early sketches)

Ok, well I've been hiding as much about this comic concept as i possibly could in the past year because i want it to be perfect before i release it. Regardless i feel its time to start showing some of the concepts along the way... before i burst. Over all I'm hoping these posts will give me a bit more motivation to keep drawing and writing this story over the next year because seeing your stuff on the web verses scratch papers around your room really makes a big difference. If I'm not sketching I've pretty much dedicated the rest of my free time to researching different ideas for the comic, because i don't want them to be inaccurate. Also alot of the reason I'm back in school is to inhance the quality of my art, because of that this will also a blog about the developement artistic skill as i continue to create. Anyway, here's the first character sheet/concept sketch I've ever posted of any of my original characters. This is Eydis (still no last name), she is the main character of Anhedonia, which means I've been drawing her ALOT... and you will learn to either love or hate her by the time this whole thing is over.

Most of my life I've drawn women, but i've never been good at certain parts of the human figure. For instance, feet and hands have always been a struggle for me... so that means I'll be working on that a lot too. Overall on this sketch im happy with the feet though... I'm still crap at them. Shes still under development, but overall this is the basic feel of the way she's going to look. She has blond hair, blue eyes, a soft sweet look but she will go alot deeper then just a cute early twenties girl with no personality, i promise.

Ok back to the drawing board.