Friday, May 16, 2008


so i was playing around with Photoshop last night before i posted [ui] #8 "i'm sad that i'm flying" and i was really please with it.. so i decided to go back and play around with #7 "all alone"... the out come was kinda cool.. i'm almost considering replacing it for this.. any thoughts?


  1. ooh I love this version! it makes it even creepier than the original which i'm all about.

    as disheartened as i am to lose reeder, i'm waay excited about ui being resurrected. i have always thought the uis were amazing and i was sad you weren't doing more of them regularly so yay.

    no you just gotta get those action figures going :P

  2. yeah i felt it made it 10x creepier so i agree with you... but do u think its too different then the rest of the site to acttually put it up? since everyother one has a white background?

    I'm glad that some people like reeder, i just felt for the time i need to take a break.

    seriously if i learn how to do custom vinyl figures id make limited editions of a few of these characters.. i think that would be so tight!