Monday, March 10, 2008

obama and the youth of which he appeals

So the time for us to vote is approaching! This year with the possibility of a black man or a white woman being our next President, which will be a very historic moment in our nation, we are going to have to make some very educated choices. Or are we?

I remember when Bush was running against Gorg what i heard people our age bitch about was simply this: He's talks like a robot, I don't want a robot running our country. So people voted Bush... which we were stuck with for 8 year. Of course by the end everyone hated him and can't wait till the moment he leaves. Then there was the situation in California when we need a new Governor. Who one? We'll of course, the movie star; the one we could call the Governator. It's funny to me why we elect who we elect, and more so why we elect them. For young people like me it seems to be the names who are most known (with out knowning much about them) and superficial judgments are what make the decisions.

Who do i think is gonna win? I don't thing the republicans have a chance.. not with Bush being so hated so much at this moment. And of course if we vote a democrat we get to witness history! So i believe that the un-educated youth will have another say in who gets elected as we rush in to make a change with our non thought out votes!

Basically thats the point of this editorial; its a commentary on this fact (or my opinion rather). Obama, who appeals to the youth stand forward in front a faceless, generally unrecognized group of young people.

ps... i need some advice on something! I have a project idea...


  1. wow i really like how this turned out! =D

  2. 1. first and foremost, I like your drawinng, and I love Obama! And then there's my opinion, which i've been biting my tongue about for a while. But, as there's is nothing to do at work today...

    2. "For young people like me it seems to be the names who are most known (with out knowning much about them) and superficial judgments" - I really don't think it's necessarily young people who make unwise votes, I think it's undereducated people. I think, I might be entirely wrong, but I think that the majority of young people who actually care enough, who are unapathetic enough to take the tiem to go out and vote are the more educated ones, the ones who go to some sort of school after high school, those who are learning how (as opposed to what) to think. I think the problem might be older people who are stuck on their habits and blinded by labels (republican/democrat).

    3. "I don't thing the republicans have a chance.. not with Bush being so hated so much at this moment." - Bush is incredibly hated and I think everyone will be happy to have him out of office, but I think the republicans might have a better chance that people are giving them credit for. I think if it comes down to McCain and Obama then the presidency is Obamas for sure, but if it's McCain vs. Hillary then I don't think it'll be so clear cut.

    I don't know, I don't really know all that much about politics

  3. I agree w/ Jessica about Republicans still having a solid chance. Especially, if it comes down to Hillary and McCain. That's pretty much the reason Republicans are rooting for Hillary to win in the primaries cause they know that if it comes down to Obama, he has too strong of a following and will likely win. I hope that happens. On the unfortunate chance that McCain does win, I'm happy that he's not like Bush. I cannot say too much about him except for he's not bad ... for a Republican. [:

  4. Ya ta! I always get so nervous about giving my opinion, ESPECIALLY about politics, it totally made my day that I was agreed with! Thank you!

    I'm happy that McCain isn't like Bush and he isn't too bad (for a republican) but I really really really hope Obama wins.

    What's your opinion on Hillary?

  5. haha well i'm glad that made you happy ...

    I too really want Obama to win. It's not that Hillary is entirely horrible, but there's just something about her that rubs me the wrong way. It's more intuition that I'm basing it on, which I'm not sure is a good thing .. BUT, Obama just seems more genuine when he speaks. Hillary on the other hand gives this vibe like she could be two-faced. After all, she is said to have accepted donations from health insurance plans, which is shady considering she promotes universal health care. I don't really know anything though except that Obama should win! [: