Friday, March 28, 2008

been vinyl lovin'

Well, I've been rather busy. I went to San Fransisco to take a little vacation with Ana for a few days and checked out the Gallery 1988 Exhibit, which was pretty awesome. Kathie Olivas is now one of my favorite artist for sure! She does paintings on canvas as well as vinyl; i love any artist that explores Vinyl. :D While i was up there i stopped by Kid Robot in Haight and bought a few little figures. Hated them both... I decided to paint over one of them, which proved to be a rather huge pain in the ass. I'd really like to explore the art of working with vinyl but i CAN'T find any information on it online. After looking around on the internet for a while i found a few ways to do it... but don't feel like i was as successful at it as i was hoping :( Heres what came out:

(Coney in Acrylics on Vinyl Dunny)

After seeing Andrew Bell's exhibit in LA last weekend, I've REALLY wanted to get better at painting in general. I'm currently working on a painting that I'll probably post in the next few weeks, that i've been slaving over the past few days.

Anyway, as far as vinyl goes... I'm still stumped on how to produce/paint my own figures... i guess i will learn over time.

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  1. awesome! i love how the first one turned out. i hope you explore this more cause i just love it