Thursday, February 21, 2008

ink washin' experiment

I really like black & white art; in particular black and white photography and paintings. Recently I've been learning how to use black ink pens. I've gotten rather tired of the way that ink pens would leave wierd lines that i didn't really like, if you look a few blogs back you can kind of see what I'm talking about. I decided to try a new technique called 'ink washing' .. which is basically taking black ink from a bottle and adding water it into it at varying degrees. For my class i need to do piece that deals with an astrological sign. I decided to do a Ram (since my sign is Aries) in Ink wash...

I didn't want to just jump into it so i practiced with a few different things... So heres a sample of what the ram might look like for the final project:

This is just some random girl that i drew..


  1. ink wash sounds very very fun!! i like the ram


  2. you should try it. Its really easy and the outcome is pretty awesome! Its interesting.. everyone seems to like the ram so far. which is good since my final project is gonna be a ram!